Q: What conditions can I use Carpal-RX for?

The Carpal-RX opens up your carpal tunnel; so it works for conditions where your carpal tunnel squeezes your median nerve such as carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist tendonitis and repetitive strain injury.

Q: Will the Carpal-RX get rid of my symptoms?

Yes, the Carpal-RX has been shown to be effective in reducing and eliminating symptoms of pain, numbness, and tingling.

Q: How fast does the Carpal-RX work?

In most people the Carpal-RX provides nearly instant relief from pain; the numbness may take a little longer.

The longer you use the Carpal-RX (hours & days), the faster your symptoms will decrease until they are completely eliminated. If and when symptoms begin to reappear immediately start using your Carpal-RX again in order to address the problem quickly and effectively.

Remember there is no cure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; not even surgery. Symptom relief from carpal tunnel surgery is also only temporary if successful.

According to the NIH 52% of all carpal tunnel surgeries fail and in many cases cause the symptoms to get worse. Carpal tunnel surgery is a High Risk treatment.

Q: When do I wear the Carpal-RX?

The Carpal-RX can be worn any time you feel discomfort in your hand or fingers.

Q: Can I wear the Carpal-RX while sleeping?

Yes, but depending on your sleeping position and hand movements you may find it difficult to keep the Carpal-RX in place.

We recommend using the Carpal-RX during the day hours and using the Micro-Soft Carpal Tunnel Brace to immobilize your hand during sleep while undergoing Carpal-RX therapy. The use of the Micro-Soft brace will prevent you from further damaging you wrist & hand and reversing the gains made by the Carpal-RX.

Q: Can I wear the Carpal-RX while I work?

Yes, the Carpal-RX will not interfere with most work requirements.

Q: How tight should I make the Carpal-RX on my hand?

Adjust the Carpal-RX so it is comfortable to wear.

Q: Does the Carpal-RX fit any hand size?

Yes, the Carpal-RX is a “universal fit” design.

Q: Does insurance cover my Carpal-RX purchase?

Reimbursement for the Carpal-RX is different for everybody, and depends on your carrier, state, and your particular policy.

Q: Is the Carpal-RX sold in stores?

The Carpal-RX currently is only available online. This is due to the fact that some of the bigger retail chain stores, who showed a great interest in carrying the Carpal-RX, wanted to substantially “mark up” the retail price and restrict us from selling the Carpal-RX to you online at a lower price.

Instructions For Using Carpal-RX


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